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Never Mind BYOD – What about BYOA?

Bring Your Own Device, Build Your Own App? Lots of chatter happening around ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and the ‘Consumerization’ of IT. These issues seem to represent the convergence of a number of growing trends: Consumers being increasingly IT savvy Consumers being used to instant internet gratification and on-demand ‘Apps’ Smart efficient toys Productivity and GTD in a world of infinite... 

How to Segment and Prioritize Vendors and Suppliers

Click to Enlarge Vendors and suppliers need to be managed. Some will require more management than others. How do you go about differentiating between them and managing their delivery to you? Vendor Segmentation Vendors can and should be segmented within a supplier relationship framework, as it is important to recognise that the method of engagement and measurement of performance is different dependant... 

The ITSM Tool Pricing Ouch-O-Meter

Click to Enlarge One thing that has surprised me during my initial exploration of ITSM tools is the simplicity of some SaaS based pricing models. Software licensing options offer vendors the ability to flex their competitive muscles, adapt their solutions to different customers and maximize revenue. Microsoft is particularly good at this, if you are a left-handed student living in Outer Mongolia –... 

Product Group Tests

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