#Back2ITSM – 4 Reasons to Get Involved

Learning from others - where have they been, what did they find?

Forrester Analyst Stephen Mann is on a mission to progress the ITSM Industry by getting more industry stakeholders to share their experiences and give their peers a leg-up.

I’d like to share my views on this subject for the benefit of industry practitioners who perhaps, feel a bit uneasy about contributing in this way towards an industry.

Perhaps they might feel it is a huge time drain, perhaps they might be asking – “Why should I share my valuable experience, intellectual property, my crown jewels that I’ve worked hard to build – with others?”

With 400+ free to access ITAM articles available over on the sister site The ITAM Review I would like to think I ‘Do my bit’ in my own small way for that industry and I would like to share my experiences of this process. My hope is that other practitioners might see the benefits, pick up their pitchforks and also contribute towards Stephen’s #Back2ITSM campaign.

  1. Connect – Contributing has connected me with all sorts of people and opened all sorts of doors. I’ve received great value from this personally and professionally.
  2. Learn – I love to write. Every time I write I learn, this pushes me further ahead and opens up new opportunities. I appreciate that not everyone enjoys writing – pick your medium. Write, Tweet, Present, Video, Podcast, Networking. Choose a medium that works for you.
  3. Marketing – Let your expertise do the talking. People recognise your expertise which opens up new opportunities.
  4. A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships – Progress and development of an industry helps everyone.

My point is that although #Back2ITSM is an altruistic campaign, it can really benefit you personally and I urge you to chip-in where you can. If you don’t know where to start try this – ITSM Practitioner Health Check – to help assess where the Industry needs help.

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ITSM Tools Census – Creating an Independent Guide to Tools

One of the primary reasons for starting The ITAM Review back in 2008 was to simply provide an unbiased list of the key players in the market. The vendor directory was one of the first pages to be published on The ITAM Review and continues to be one of the most frequently visited pages.

I commonly speak to organizations about to embark on their final technology selection with tools that are inappropriate for the job, they simply don’t know what is out there and what is most appropriate for their needs. They are choosing from solid software publishers who have great technology – but the technology may be wholly inappropriate for their current needs.

This is akin to planning a trip from London to the South of France with a family of four and choosing between a Scooter, and Family Saloon and a Juggernaut. All of them are good vehicles in their own right, with their own satisfied customers and accreditations – but only one is really suitable for the job in hand.

Another challenge we face in the enterprise software market is that sales reps make a persuasive case for buying a scooter or a juggernaut when we need a saloon and it is often difficult to assess their advice from an independent perspective.

I believe the same can be said of the ITSM tools market. Oranges are not always being compared with Oranges.

I plan to start conducting independent reviews of ITSM tools in 2012. My goal is to review, compare, rank and classify all of the various tools in the market, from the smallest of nimble start-ups with a handful of customers, to the industry stalwarts with hundreds of customers. My aim is that prospective buyers can discover clusters of tools that might be suitable for their particular need, maturity, size and budget rather than trying to assess the entire market.

In order to prepare for my reviews, I first intend to build a near-exhaustive list of tool providers which will include a high level overview of their value proposition, key competitive differentiators and sample customers and use cases.


I am inviting vendors to complete an ITSM Tools Census to help generate the list – please encourage everyone you know from the vendor community to participate.

PLEASE NOTE: All results will be published free of charge without registration in a permanent public archive for future reference.

For ITSM Tool Vendors – Click here to complete the ITSM TOOL CENSUS

Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation.

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