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HDI2012 vs. SDITS12 on Twitter

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I’ve been playing about with some Twitter tools recently and thought I would analyze the two big ITSM events this week: The HDI Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA and The Service Desk and IT Support Show in London, UK.

I appreciate twitter is not the most perfect mechanism for measuring sentiment at conferences – but I believe it provides a good indication of conversations and interests. In the run up to attending SDITS I noticed a growing number of ITSM practitioners joining twitter (as opposed to consultants and vendors) – so in theory fewer product led conversations.

Key Findings

  • What an enormous reach these events have outside the conference, both in terms of eyeballs and geographical reach.
  • Top topics from the UK appear to be BYOD and Social Media (more on this here)
  • Top topics from the US appear to be SocialIT with ManageEngine’s Flashmob also making a bit of a splash.
  • I would be interested to know how these subjects compare to your own view of topics at the conferences

Head to Head

HDI Conference & Expo

Service Desk and IT Support Show




Twitter accounts using the hashtag *



Exposure *(Twitter Impressions)



Highest Exposure *

@RoyAtkinson (288K)

@OvumICT (182K)







#SDITS12 MAP (%)

#HDI2012 MAP (%)

10 Responses to " HDI2012 vs. SDITS12 on Twitter "

  1. Chris Matchett says:

    I think the NimSoft tweet was a promoted tweet so I’m not sure how much of that one was noise. I didn’t really see it come up outside of the official Twitter UI or website. The TweetDeck wall screen and TweetBot on my devices were more general.

    • itsmreview says:

      Hi Chris, Good point. I don’t think the tools I used were sophisticated enough to spot the sponsored stuff and I overlooked it.

  2. Chris Matchett says:

    I wish I had done this research before posting my earlier comment but I checked WHO retweeted that promotional tweet and it is almost all by people or accounts working for NimSoft. Fair play to them but they really didn’t influence #SDITS12

  3. Aprill Allen says:

    Interesting. Of course, all this great stuff happened overnight, while I was in Sleepyville. So, what caught my eye in all this is the #SocialIT topic. It seems the HDI event had some focus there, but not at the SDITS event. Any thoughts on that?

  4. Earl Begley says:

    Nice use of metrics!

  5. Chris called it. If you look closely, there are a few vendors who constantly retweet each other, but nobody outside their circle cares. Overall, the #SDITS12 stream appeared to have more substance than promotions.

  6. Roy Atkinson says:

    Very nicely done. We can all learn from this how the word is spread around topics.

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