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Major Survival Incident Kit – What’s In Yours?

Thanks @TOPdesk_UK for the sparkly survival kit. Loving your work! — vawns (@vawns) June 21, 2016 Following a sparkly pressie from the guys at TOPdesk, we got to thinking here at Enterprise Opinions towers about what should go in our emergency kit for dealing with Major Incidents. Coffee! To be fair, my Starbucks habit is slightly worrying but staying caffeinated... 

Root Cause – Railways don't like derailments

Most readers have got the story now from my recent articles: Cherry Valley, Illinois, 2009, rain bucketing down, huge train-load of ethanol derails, fire, death, destruction. Eventually the Canadian National’s crews and the state’s emergency services cleaned up the mess, and CN rebuilt the track-bed and the track, and trains rolled regularly through Cherry Valley again. Then the authorities moved... 

Planning for Major Incidents

Do regular processes go out of the window during a Major Incident? Recently I’ve been working on Incident Management, and specifically on Major Incident planning. During my time in IT Operations I saw teams handle Major Incidents in a number of different ways. I actually found that in some cases all process and procedure went out of the window during a Major Incident, which has a horrible irony... 

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