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Do you clog your social media channels with useless crap?

True value or ego massage? ’64 % of the people sharing information from others to others did it to get attention, show friendship, show they have inside information, show humour…’ Do you care what you share or clog your social media channels with useless crap? In this article Tobias Nyberg explores why people share at all. Sharing and caring Is there a way to tell if what I’m sharing... 

Service desk collaboration: why Facebook walls and social streams are not the answer

Social updates firehose – why updating everyone with everything might not be the answer. This article has been contributed by Teon Rosandic, VP EMEA at xMatters . Why was the IT service management and help desk function created? Most likely, it stemmed from an idea to establish a task force of specialists capable of providing assistance in any complex technical issue. Over the decades, the service... 

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