#Back2ITSM – 4 Reasons to Get Involved

Learning from others - where have they been, what did they find?

Forrester Analyst Stephen Mann is on a mission to progress the ITSM Industry by getting more industry stakeholders to share their experiences and give their peers a leg-up.

I’d like to share my views on this subject for the benefit of industry practitioners who perhaps, feel a bit uneasy about contributing in this way towards an industry.

Perhaps they might feel it is a huge time drain, perhaps they might be asking – “Why should I share my valuable experience, intellectual property, my crown jewels that I’ve worked hard to build – with others?”

With 400+ free to access ITAM articles available over on the sister site The ITAM Review I would like to think I ‘Do my bit’ in my own small way for that industry and I would like to share my experiences of this process. My hope is that other practitioners might see the benefits, pick up their pitchforks and also contribute towards Stephen’s #Back2ITSM campaign.

  1. Connect – Contributing has connected me with all sorts of people and opened all sorts of doors. I’ve received great value from this personally and professionally.
  2. Learn – I love to write. Every time I write I learn, this pushes me further ahead and opens up new opportunities. I appreciate that not everyone enjoys writing – pick your medium. Write, Tweet, Present, Video, Podcast, Networking. Choose a medium that works for you.
  3. Marketing – Let your expertise do the talking. People recognise your expertise which opens up new opportunities.
  4. A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships – Progress and development of an industry helps everyone.

My point is that although #Back2ITSM is an altruistic campaign, it can really benefit you personally and I urge you to chip-in where you can. If you don’t know where to start try this – ITSM Practitioner Health Check – to help assess where the Industry needs help.

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