Moving Beyond ITSM Maturity Assessments

Maturity assessments are popular for kick-starting ITSM initiatives. It allows an organization to spot gaps and prioritize areas for improvement.

However, the half-life of a maturity assessment is remarkably short and the impact of the glossy report can quickly fade. The key messages and compelling recommendations can soon be lost in the noise of other projects and new fires to fight.

What stops the shiny benchmark report from collecting dust on the shelf?

Michael Nyhuis, Managing Director of Australian firm Solisma, claims the answer to keeping assessments alive is to transform them into continual service improvement projects.

Their solution Service Improvement Manager (SIM) provides a workspace for teams to baseline their maturity against various standards or frameworks, identify areas for improvement, document risks and then assign tasks to ensure progress.

Built-in assessments include ITIL, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001, COBIT, and ISO/IEC 20000.

Service Improvement Manager (SIM)
Service Improvement Manager (SIM)

The hosted solution has four main areas:

  1. Assessments – Compliance and Maturity, Baseline Reporting, Benchmarking, Prioritized Improvements
  2. Registers – Improvements and Risks Registers
  3. Initiatives – Activity Planning, Define Costs and Savings, Benefits Realization, Initiative Scoring
  4. Explorer – Management System, Policies and Procedures, Roles and Functions, KPI’s and Metrics

Elevator Pitch Video (<2 min):

I like this collaborative way of working; spreadsheets and email ping-pong are replaced with progress (Assuming the team jumps on board with the idea). No great ideas are allowed to slip through the cracks and an audit trail of improvements and staff suggestions are kept in one place. SIM also allows users to track improvement projects according to weighted scores and ROI.

This is a good presentation framework for benchmarking against standards and ensuring good ideas and opportunities for improvement are put into action. It would be good to see the team behind SIM put more depth into the Assessment libraries; the current questioning format is open to subjective opinion and the individual rigor of the auditor. Since it is a cloud based offering, surely there is the opportunity shared intelligence and the ability to benchmark organizations against each other as well as standards? For example a company could benchmark themselves against companies of a similar size in a similar vertical sector as well as a standard.

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If you have experience with SIM or a similar offering I would be pleased to hear about it, please leave a message in the comments below.