HDI2012 vs. SDITS12 on Twitter

I’ve been playing about with some Twitter tools recently and thought I would analyze the two big ITSM events this week: The HDI Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida, USA and The Service Desk and IT Support Show in London, UK.

I appreciate twitter is not the most perfect mechanism for measuring sentiment at conferences – but I believe it provides a good indication of conversations and interests. In the run up to attending SDITS I noticed a growing number of ITSM practitioners joining twitter (as opposed to consultants and vendors) – so in theory fewer product led conversations.

Key Findings

  • What an enormous reach these events have outside the conference, both in terms of eyeballs and geographical reach.
  • Top topics from the UK appear to be BYOD and Social Media (more on this here)
  • Top topics from the US appear to be SocialIT with ManageEngine’s Flashmob also making a bit of a splash.
  • I would be interested to know how these subjects compare to your own view of topics at the conferences

Head to Head

HDI Conference & Expo

Service Desk and IT Support Show




Twitter accounts using the hashtag *



Exposure *(Twitter Impressions)



Highest Exposure *

@RoyAtkinson (288K)

@OvumICT (182K)

#SDITS12 MAP (%)
#HDI2012 MAP (%)

10 thoughts on “HDI2012 vs. SDITS12 on Twitter”

  1. I think the NimSoft tweet was a promoted tweet so I’m not sure how much of that one was noise. I didn’t really see it come up outside of the official Twitter UI or website. The TweetDeck wall screen and TweetBot on my devices were more general.

    1. Hi Chris, Good point. I don’t think the tools I used were sophisticated enough to spot the sponsored stuff and I overlooked it.

  2. I wish I had done this research before posting my earlier comment but I checked WHO retweeted that promotional tweet and it is almost all by people or accounts working for NimSoft. Fair play to them but they really didn’t influence #SDITS12

  3. Interesting. Of course, all this great stuff happened overnight, while I was in Sleepyville. So, what caught my eye in all this is the #SocialIT topic. It seems the HDI event had some focus there, but not at the SDITS event. Any thoughts on that?

  4. Chris called it. If you look closely, there are a few vendors who constantly retweet each other, but nobody outside their circle cares. Overall, the #SDITS12 stream appeared to have more substance than promotions.

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