IT Service Management At VMTurbo Speed

Holonomix MD Darren Prince

Management software company VMTurbo has announced HoloSphereVMT, an operations/service desk management offering which has been developed with industry partner Holonomix.

Claiming to be able to provide “out-of-the-box” integration with service desk solutions such as ServiceNow, Zendesk and OTRS, this new offering aims to reflect real-world customer requirements in its core design

TECHNICAL NOTE: VMTurbo describes its Operations Manager as an intelligent workload management product for virtual data centres and cloud environments. Its capabilities include the ability to look at what resources applications in the data centre require, what resources these applications use and any capacity constraints there are that need to be accommodated for. For those that are not virtualisation specialists, this translates into giving applications more horsepower when they need it based on business rules and demand levels. According to VMTurbo, this integration of back-end IT and service desk management of delivery has the potential to improve how services are made available to end-users.

Holonomix MD Darren Prince contends that (in his experience) customers “love” the problem identification and recommended remedial steps that VMTurbo Operations Manager provides. “We have integrated this information directly into enterprise service desk solutions to streamline the process of logging records. This negates the need for human intervention for those incidents & change requests that require escalation in the Service Desk application,” he said.

HoloSphereVMT automates what is currently a manual process, transferring relevant data from VMTurbo Operations Manager into the service desk. Using HoloSphereVMT customers are said to be able to streamline incident & change management processes by freeing up manpower associated with data entry and ensuring consistency in data between the service desk itself and VMTurbo Operations Manager.

As VMTurbo controls how much resources these business-critical applications receive, improving the speed of getting these changes made should therefore add up to better performance overall.

“Holonomix has worked closely with our own engineering team on the development of HoloSphereVMT,” said Yuri Rabover, vice president of product strategy, VMTurbo. “The ability to automate a manual process provides increased efficiencies and cost savings and is an absolute requirement for IT organisations to maintain service level agreements.”