Coming Soon: BMC vs. Cherwell vs. Marval vs. PMG vs. ServiceNow

BMC, Cherwell & ServiceNow will fight it out over Request Fulfilment

ITSM Industry heavyweights BMC, Cherwell, Marval, PMG and ServiceNow are confirmed participants for our upcoming ‘Request Fulfilment’ review.

Our approach to product reviews is significantly different to other ITSM industry research:

  1. TOOLS NOT FRAMEWORKS: We focus on market differentiators and strengths. Our goal is to present prospective buyers and influencers with the the key differences between products.
  2. INDEPENDENT, OPEN RESEARCH: All information is published free of charge in a permanent online archive for future reference. Reports can be shared, distributed and discussed online without paywalls or registration. We don’t have to tip-toe around partnerships and politics – we can just tell it how it is.
  3. TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: We credit our readers with the intelligence to make their own decisions. We want to help organizations develop their shortlist for a new tool, not pick a new tool for them. We want to arm prospective buyers with the business intelligence to make a decision, not spoon feed them product choices.

Reviewers: Martin Thompson & Ros Satar
Assessment Criteria for Request Fulfilment

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5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: BMC vs. Cherwell vs. Marval vs. PMG vs. ServiceNow”

  1. Exciting. Any details on these competitors in terms of revenue, market share, number of customers, etc? Just to understand the “heavyweight”…

  2. Hi – is it just the three products included in this review, or are you expecting further entries from other organisations?

  3. Martin,

    Will you be allowing additional products to be entered into this evaluation?


  4. @0424d69c0a6cbc64af20f2e00e264cab:disqus – at the moment it is just three. Further reviews will follow throughout the year. @91c0bb0171c146ae23d6dc409fcf90bf:disqus – We are open to last minute participants if you can move quickly, bear in mind that it is a paid review. That is, vendors are charged to participate in exchange for all results being published free of charge without registration. 

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