Is it a bird? is it a plane? …no it’s ITIL Girl!

Who is ITIL Girl?  She is a self-styled, ITIL Foundation-certified vigilante!

She has built up quite a following via Twitter and her ITIL/ITSM related musings can be found via her blog.

In our best Daily Planet™ guise we managed to pin her cape down and keep her still long enough to ask her a few questions, before releasing her back to the ITSM Metropolis to solve IT issues. 

ITSM Review Q: What can you share about your particular role?

Not a whole lot! I can say that I do second-line support and application development for a particular team in my organisation. I am also the only person that can be bothered to write change requests, so I do most of that and the out-of-hours work too. I am very much at the bottom of the food chain but I do have a junior member of staff to train too!

Q: In your opinion, why is it so difficult for some to get to any kind of level of ITIL ‘enlightenment’?

Apathy, objection to taking the exams, lack of requirement to really show any kind of knowledge of ITSM afterwards. I find that once most people are able to put ITIL certification on their CV, they stop caring. I can see it working, and I think most people are aware of the processes, but they carry them out because they’re there and are followed by service design rather than actually thinking about what they’re doing with ITIL.

Q: If you had to use just three (publishable) words to describe your ITIL experiences – what would they be?

Circumvention, disdain, #ohmygodwhycantyoupeoplefollowsimpleprocesses

Q: If you had to use ITIL principles to rescue a kitten from a tree, or maybe the planet Earth from General Zod™, how would you go about it?

Judging from my department’s approach to ITIL, we wouldn’t get anything approved in time to save anything! On the other hand, anything goes when it comes to incident resolution, so I’d go ahead and do my thing, and handle the MI report later.

Q: If ITSM and ITIL is frequently aimed at management, what methods have you found to try and aim the finer points at Operations staff and analysts?

I pick out the processes that most apply to my everyday role, to be honest, and make sure I’m the most clued up on those parts – incidents, problems, knowledge, change, release.

Q: Have you ever given in to the urge to send someone a “Let Me Google That For You” link to ITIL?

Most of the time I sigh and roll my eyes. If someone genuinely hasn’t had to study for the exams – because they’re new to IT or have come from a place that doesn’t use ITIL – then I can forgive them. If they passed the exam by cramming, I expect them to know better, then yes!

Q: Would the ITIL official Swirl make a good logo for your super-hero cape?  If not, what would you choose?

My favourite logo is the ITIL foundation pin, as evidenced by my Twitter avatar. The swirl is cool, but I think the foundation pin defines me as someone who has only minimal formal training in ITIL but still gives a damn and some competence!

Q: When I was on my ITIL course, the “bold” idea of super-skilling a Service Desk was discussed – nods of understanding from one half of the room, recoils of horror from the other.  What are your thoughts?

I love the idea of giving the Service Desk all the power they can be given – if they have time to maintain high levels of customer service at the same time. Capacity is always a problem where I work, but giving the Service Desk the ability to help and resolve more and more things is a wonderful, empowering idea. Let’s face it, it’s not the easiest job, and the more job satisfaction they have, the better they’ll feel and the better they’ll work.

Q: One of my quests is to fund as much free, and more importantly useful ITIL material out on the web – should this stuff be public domain or hidden away like people protecting their homework answers?

I’ve been working with a partner organisation to share knowledge and processes, and have recently found equally willing people on LinkedIn that will help with incidents and problems. Look at it this way: we’re all in the same boat here. Every IT organisation has techies, analysts, managers – much the same roles. Unless the information is sensitive to your organisation, why not share it and give people the incentive to share with you?


Q: I once met someone who laughed in the face of my shiny new ITIL Foundation Certificate and raised me certificates and badges of Expert on their way to ITIL Jedi Master.  What ambitions does the ITILgirl have to tackle the rest of the modules with whatever version of the week we are at in ITIL?

I’ll take it as it comes; I can’t fund my qualifications on my own, and my organisation is trying to exercise frugality, just like the rest of the UK. I would love some more badges to pin to my jacket, but I still think experience trumps every piece of paper you could show to someone. As long as I keep learning from my colleagues and peers, I’m happy. Lack of a certificate doesn’t mean I’m not competent at something!

Q: Obviously your ITIL Super-Powers are legendary – what is your favourite superhero skill?

Intimidating project managers with my piercing you haven’t raised a request for my time or that clearly hasn’t been through change management glare. Hell hath no fury like an ITILgirl scorned!

Final thoughts:

I recently reviewed an ITIL Overview, where the overriding message in the training was to always look for opportunities to use ITIL in your own environment.  ITILgirl is living proof that uber-education is not necessary to want to make a difference.

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  1. Hmm – I never GOT a pin when I did mine… [/disgruntled – calls ITILGirl to help raise a Service Request]

  2. Your passion will take you far in your career and you have surely been some inspiration.

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