Top 25 ITSM Pundits by Klout [August 2012 Update]

ITSM Pundits Leading the Industry

The list below contains my view on the key influencers, practitioners and personalities from the ITSM industry ranked by Klout (a measure of online influence)

Top 25 ITSM Pundits by Klout

  1. Stephen Mann 64
  2. Chris Dancy 63
  3. Jarod Greene 62
  4. Aprill Allen 62
  5. Karren Ferris 61
  6. Patrick Bolger 61
  7. Tristan Boot 61
  8. Brian Hollandsworth 60
  9. Roy Atkinson 60
  10. Rob England 60
  11. William Goddard 59
  12. Kathryn Howard 58
  13. Simone Jo Moore 58
  14. Chris Matchett 58
  15. Aale Roos 56
  16. Adam Mason 56
  17. Arlen Vartazarian 56
  18. Bradley Busch 55
  19. Tobias Nyberg 54
  20. Stuart Rance 54
  21. Barclay Rae 54
  22. Peter Lijnse 53
  23. Simon Morris 52
  24. Dan Kane 52
  25. Matthew Burrows 51

To learn more and follow these pundits please refer to this list.


  • Lots more competition, lots more new faces, great to see more end user organizations represented.
  • This update is much more representative of the activity of the ITSM market as a whole – on and offline.
  • New top dog Stephen Mann (‘everyones favourite ITSM Analyst’) displaces Chris Dancy, who should be credited for belligerently leading the way in our online education.
  • ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’ – In only a few short months everyone seems to have improved. You need a Klout score of at least 50 to get on the top 25. The previous threshold for the Top 10 in January 2012 was 40.


  • My Top 25 Pundits is built from this list based on the Klout score today (You can view the Klout score for lots of people at once by viewing your lists from within the free version of Hootsuite)
  • The previous update from January 2012 can be found here.
  • See also ‘Punditry and Getting Started in ITSM
  • If you think someone else should be on this list please contact me.

8 thoughts on “Top 25 ITSM Pundits by Klout [August 2012 Update]”

  1. Note that this is “pundits”, the noisiest ones with the audience. That is not the same as most knowledgeable and nowhere near the same as the wisest, whatever the reputation-index fans will tell you. There is a loooong list of names not on here, even if we remain tightly focused on ITSM;

    All the ITIL authors for a start (and a few of them in particular)

    not to mention awesome thinkers like
    Troy du Moulin
    Hank Marquis
    Ian Clayton
    Jan van Bon
    Kevin Behr
    Gene Kim
    George Spafford
    Remko van der Pols
    Randy Steinberg
    Jim Finister
    etc etc

    I hate to mention names because I’ll miss some. Just because some of us grab a megaphone doesn’t make us the best, only the noisiest. Sure there are some great thinkers on this list, but there’s many more missing.

    this is like the Oscars: the actors are only the bimbo showy bit of a complex and intelligent body of work that is a movie. For every Clint Eastwood there is a Tom Cruise, for every Natalie Portman there is a Lindsay Lohan.
    Fame only measures fame. Klout’s rubbish: dangerously misleading at best.

  2. My list is based on listening online for the last 12 months. I’m sure your list of awesome thinkers are indeed awesome, but perhaps they don’t express this online? You are also confusing influence with intellect, this is not a list of pundits by IQ level or ITIL beard length.

  3. Yes yes we must never confuse influence for intellect. That is my point precisely.
    Unfortunately the world seems to give more importance to influence than intellect. Personally I choose to listen to the finest minds first. That some of them are on this list is almost accidental. Most of them choose not to seek this kind of influence.

    It is good to know who the online influencers are and this list does that well. I just didn’t want folk to draw the wrong conclusions from that. Pundit is not guru. You have to seek gurus.

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