Review: BMC Footprints Request Fulfilment

This independent review is part of our 2012 Request Fulfilment Group Test. See all participants and terms of the review here.

Executive Summary

Elevator Pitch Flexible entry-level ITSM solution, offering customisable services.
Strengths Nice touch in incorporating screen-prompts to start to mould end user behaviour
Weaknesses Text driven workflow is comprehensive but lacks the visual effect of graphical workflows.
Primary Market Focus Mid-size customers

Commercial Summary

Vendor BMC
Product BMC Footprints
Version reviewed v11.1
Date of version release Autumn 2011
Year founded 1980
Customers Europe: 1,000+; Worldwide 5,000+
Pricing Structure A typical base installation for BMC FootPrints inclusive of ServiceCore and at least one AssetCore module with maintenance agreement and consulting services will start at £16,000.
Competitive Differentiators
  • BMC FootPrints is widely regarded as an affordable and flexible solution which can addresses both IT service management and IT Operations Management from a single pane of glass. One view, one console, one solution.
  • BMC FootPrints is optimised for ITIL but provides an easy-to-use adaptive workflow environment (known as Workspaces) which quickly allows organisation to replicate own best practice IT support processes or begin designing and launching other non-IT service desks. One view, one console, multiple service desks.
  • In its converged state BMC FootPrints provides seamless integration to facilitate other IT operations management capabilities with open process transparency as well data integration. BMC FootPrints supports physical, virtual and mobile devices.
Additional Features BMC FootPrints’ solid convergence allows integration, through process and data, into other IT Management disciplines such as Asset Management, Lifecycle Management, Desktop Management and Security & Compliance.

Independent Review

With Numara Software joining the BMC stable, it is easy to get lost in the plethora of brands that now exist under the BMC Banner.

BMC FootPrints was chosen for the review because it provides, at its core, an integrated solution, with configurable and flexible Service Request Management options.

There is no doubt that the product can go toe to toe with other mid-size competitors in the market, but has the promise of better things to come in subsequent planned releases.

Their philosophy is to start moulding users’ behaviour, with some interesting elements, such as introducing prompting questions in the Self Service presentation.

Request Models

BMC FootPrints deals in Workspaces which provides users with a specific business function view, and business flows.

While it is good to see a solution try and tie itself back to the business drivers, it could be confusing to see Requests treated throughout a lifecycle as an Incident – as a consequence to how the workspace had been configured.

These are configurable to separate the disciplines, dependant on a customer’s requirements, and established as part of their professional services.

Form Designers and Workflow are all configurable, and driven by selection from existing fields (and any custom fields that may have been created).

Administrators could typically be skilled within a couple of days of training, although the general approach is for professional services to train and develop to a customer’s requirements.

Menu Selection

The Self-Service Portal for and end-user is perhaps quite basic, but contains everything they need within the screen.

There is an option to actually make the Service Catalogue a user’s home page, which presents them with a less text-heavy, more “traditional” catalogue view.

One of the nice options is to help drive user behaviour through scripted questions, which in turn will drive additional fields depending on your responses.

For example, opening a ticket based on reporting an issue with a monitor brought up one or two queries regarding power issues to the monitor.

When this is integrated with the future dynamic searches with the knowledge base, it will also bring up potential solutions prior to a user continuing with a request.

Request Fulfilment Lifecycle

The solution can be made as open, or as restricted as you like – and the workflow options do boast a very comprehensive field status set up, depending on the status of the request.

All can be done with the click of a mouse button.

Forms can be designed graphically and can be published immediately.

The Workflow, however, remains text based with a step driven approach that works on a trigger-action basis that is intuitive enough, but lacks the visual punch of graphical workflow design.

This is acknowledged and a graphical workflow is in Beta and scheduled for release in 2013.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this assessment was the choice of platform, when compared against the other vendors who formed part of this review.

BMC FootPrints offers a compact ITSM solution, with flexibility and it was interesting to hear their approach to defining customer requirements.

There are some oddities with terminology that has evolved over the product’s history.
For example, the concept of “voting” when approvals are required.

These can be changed and customised to suit a customer’s requirements, but may require additional levels of skill or professional services to do so.

Their future plans for the product make it an intriguing watch for the future, but for now customers are provided with a functional, customisable and simple base for their ITSM solution.

BMC Footprints Customers


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From The BMC Footprints Brochure

  • The BMC FootPrints family of IT Management products and solutions streamline, automate and improve IT operations.
  • Flexible enough to configure and affordable enough to invest in
  • Optimised for use over the web but equally satisfies organisations looking for a solid and secure on-premise solution.
  • Can be deployed quickly ‘out-of-the-box’ with minimal configuration and for those organizations seeking to facilitate non-IT service desks (such as Facilities Management or HR/Payroll)
  • PinkVERIFY 10 Processes and aligned to ITIL v3

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This independent review is part of our 2012 Request Fulfilment Group Test. See all participants and terms of the review here.

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