Measuring the value of ITSM

Bringing new levels of transparency to investment in ITSM

I am pleased to announce an exciting new project with Barclay Rae, to measure the value of ITSM.

The ITSM Review and Barclay Rae Consulting have come together to produce a definitive ITSM industry survey and regular performance benchmark. The results will make up a global Index, which will track how and where organisations gain value from implementing ITSM and ITIL.

Organisations worldwide investing in key ITSM areas will have the opportunity to see their resources collated and reviewed in terms of customer satisfaction, SLA performance and financial return.

The value achieved from using ITIL and ITSM to improve IT Services will be measured and demonstrated comprehensively for the first time.

We launched at the itSMF UK conference in London on Monday. The Index is free for organisations to register at

Registration will make it possible to actively participate in the survey and benefit from the resulting new research.

Commenting on the project, Barclay Rae, Managing Director of Barclay Rae Consulting, said:

“Our goal is to be a vendor-independent and trusted source of valuable new information for the wider ITSM industry. Being able to tangibly show the relationship and value achieved from investment in ITSM/ITIL projects will be a huge asset to organisations striving to demonstrate value in these fast changing times.”

Our goal is that end users and practitioners will be able to use the output to help drive their decision-making and investment in ITSM, shape their services and SLAs, provide benchmarking and show cost efficiencies. Industry practitioners, consultants and trainers will be able to gain valuable insights into true customer pain points and growth areas as well as focus and improve their products and services.

The Index is supported and sponsored by both itSMF UK and the Service Desk Institute, with other leading industry bodies poised to join the project in the near future.

Learn more and register here:

4 thoughts on “Measuring the value of ITSM”

  1. Data is good! There seems to be a constant battle to show
    the value of ITSM and although we may intuitively know it is the right thing to
    do having a good, solid base of information will make things much better.
    Looking forward to the results!

  2. Many have tried, none have succeeded. What you are talking about is a massive undertaking. ITSM – any/all components? How can you control for differences of industry, maturity, the particular players (as some leaders are better than others – some people leading these efforts are better than others), or technologies being used to support/enhance the efforts? There are a lot of challenges (or opportunities!)
    Good luck to you and the effort. hopefully something useful comes out of this.

  3. Good idea. The surveys on ITSM value are infrequent. I know many clients who have deployed ITSM successfully, and the business value is real, tangible, and no-one I know would consider for a second giving any of their ITSM processes up.

  4. I was wondering if this survey has been completed yet and the results available? We’ve seen a few of the expected changes occurring this year, and the theme of service strategy discussions (why are we doing this and where’s the value?) has moved from “should ITSM be different in the cloud” to “how will we provide more value & be relevant?”


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