Expanding Customer Service To Twitter

“Providing quick, engaging and valuable support to your customers on Twitter can build a positive brand image and reduce cost. Twitter takes less time, and money and offers your company the ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.”

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog

One thought on “Expanding Customer Service To Twitter”

  1. twitter is just another channel to your Point Of Contact.

    If you don’t still ticket the call, track it, link to service, link to assets, and record the resolution you will

    – forget or lose track of users’ issues which is worse than not connecting with them at all

    – lose useful data and degtrade your existing data for improvement of assets, services and practices

    – fail to recognise staff effort and performance

    if you put marketing people on the job of responding on twitter instead of support professionals, you’re ****ed. The futile discussions I had with a local ISP’s twitter account only made it worse.

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