Dancybot V0.1

Hot on the heels of the first 24-hour digital ITSM conference in December… The ITSM Review is pleased to announce the launch of the first digital ITSM celebrity.

It is only a matter of time before speech recognition, bots, virtual service desk operators and ‘ubiquitous intelligent systems’ are common place in IT support – so we need to get used to the idea mashing up real personalities with their digital counterparts.

“We need to admit right now that the digital version of you is augmented in such a way that it has perverted your digital ego and more importantly confused your physical self.” EDICT 10

Announcing the Dancybot Prototype V0.1

Who needs to pay for costly keynote speakers and travel expenses at ITSM Conferences when you can ‘go virtual!’

DANCYBOT V0.1 – Benefits at a Glance:

  • Multi-Instance, Multi-Lingual – No more calendar conflicts, can appear at multiple events and conferences worldwide at the same time.
  • Integrates with every known ITSM product known to man including those not yet invented (*)
  • Fully ITIL 2011, COBIT, USMBOK Compliant (**)
  • Fully SaaS enabled multi-tenant Cloud architecture (***)


  • *untested
  • ** if you believe this you’ll believe anything
  • *** We couldn’t launch a product in the ITSM space without cloud-washing it could we? 🙂

I admit our Chucky-esque Chris Dancy simulation is a little primitive – but he has a bright future! Maybe one day he’ll be autonomous and self-sufficient from the original ‘meat’? We just need to find our first conference organizer who is brave enough to place him on the wall next to the Twitter feed…

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  1. Brilliant and look no further for your conference organizer. At SDI we are certainly brave enough to place him on the wall next to the twitter feed and would be delighted to do so…

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