MyIT and first date syndrome

Demos well, will customers go for the second date?

I sat in on a presentation of MyIT from BMC at SITS13 recently.

In a nutshell, it aims to provide IT self service via a consumer oriented app. Being an App, it can take advantage of identity and location to provide a very relevant IT service experience.

‘Log an incident’, filling in ITSM oriented forms and generic intranet messages about service levels are replaced with consumer oriented navigation of services relevant to the user in terms they will understand. It’s all about me and my world on my device.

I’ve not hidden the fact that I don’t particularly like creaking old software conglomerates run by hedge funds, so I find this offering surprisingly refreshing and innovative. Kudos to BMC for capturing the zeitgeist of ITSM, putting services in the hands of users and offering a friendly presentation layer over IT service mechanics.

First date syndrome?

The first date went really well, we chatted, we had a great time…. But they didn’t call back….

MyIT demos well. I can see senior IT managers really liking this, whilst clutching their IPad loaded with apps. Download an App from the AppStore onto your own personal device and engage with enterprise support is a compelling proposition.

However I would be very interested to see how BMC succeed getting past first demos, selling it and most importantly implementing successfully. I wish them well but fear the spaghetti behind the scenes to actually deliver the experience outstrips the maturity of most organisations.

For example, one great feature of MyIT is for the App to know your current location and for users to be able to orient themselves to the nearest IT department on a map.

They can also navigate internal buildings and locate the cubicle of the relevant support team member to help with their enquiry, dock to the nearest printer and so on. Great stuff, very cool, but in reality who actually has all of that intelligence mapped ready to be plumbed in to be able to facilitate the App? (Current topography of all buildings, mapped to all IT assets, mapped to all IT services and then mapped to the permissions of all users). A bit of a leap in maturity from the average service desk?

The result is that the instant gratification of “quickly download app” turns into the frustration of another 18 month ITSM overhaul. It is arguably a vision of the future to aspire to rather than the next pressing project. It will be interesting to see if organisations will skip that second date or take the red pill and follow the long term ambition.

Perhaps BMC have captured the zeitgeist of the demands of users whilst overlooking the current challenges of the average service desk? What do you think?

MyIT is available in the Apple App Store here.

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3 thoughts on “MyIT and first date syndrome”

  1. Watched the rather well produced video on MyIT. It will work PERFECTLY…in Utopia, but us here on the Planet Earth know that “Ted”, the Medical Durable Goods salesman, simply is NOT go to through that app to get access back on the presentation server. Sorry, just not going to happen.

    This is the only app Ted is going to be using:

    Shall we now talk about how useful MyIT is to Mrs. Betty, the 5th grade English teacher of 42 years, is going to adopt the app… First, IT will need to figure out how to get the app installed on her Nokia 8210.

    Seems we’ve taken, “Looks good on paper” to a new age saying of “Looks good on YouTube”…

    I agree with Martin, a nice peek into the future…but it’s kinda like seeing the Prototypes at the car shows; we all know it won’t work like the Prototype…it runs on unicorn farts for heaven’s sake…

  2. In Essence, MyIT is just Airwatch and Remedy. It seems strange that BMC are putting a lot of eggs into that a basket that fundamentally depends on a 3rd party product. Airwatch provides the Geo fencing and app store and connects back to Remedy for the tickets and service catalog. And we all know how much Remedy costs to implement. Mr smoke and Mr Mirror…

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