Competition: Why do you deserve a free ticket to this year’s itSMF UK conference?


As part of our Media Partnership with the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition, 4-5 November in Birmingham, we have a free ticket (to both days of the event) to giveaway to one lucky reader.

So pay close attention, because this is a great giveaway!

The ticket

The free ticket will include:

  • Entry to the pre-conference networking event on Sunday 3rd November
  • Entry to both days of the conference and exhibition (Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November)
  • Entry to the fabulous Awards Dinner on the evening of Monday 4th November

The ticket will not include:

  • Any accommodation
  • Travel expenses (we’re generous, we’re not THAT generous, sheesh!)

The full value of this ticket is £901.00 + VAT. The cost of this ticket to the winner will be £0.00. The value of this ticket to the winner will be… immense.

The competition

It’s simple.  Just tell us why you deserve to win a free ticket.

To be clear, we don’t want to hear stories about how you need the ticket to help you escape from work for a  couple of days because the colleague who sits next to you drives you mental singing along to “I Will Survive”  every day. Trust us, a free event ticket is not what you need to deal with that.

We want to know what great things you have achieved in the ITSM space to warrant a free pass to such a great conference.  We want to know how this conference will help you in your day-to-day job and why you need that help. We want to know how this ticket will change your ITSM life!

Oh, and did I mention that we need all that in less than 200 words?

Submit your entry here.

The Rules

  1. Deadline to enter is Friday 18th October
  2. You don’t have to be an itSMF UK member to participate in this competition
  3. This competition is open to readers all over the world
  4. How to enter: Post your reason why you deserve to win this free ticket here
  5. The ITSM Review will choose the winning entry
  6. The ITSM Review’s decision is final (and all that jazz…)
  7. We reserve the right to change the rules retrospectively at any point, because… well because this is our competition and we said so.

GOOD LUCK and make your 200 words count!

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