Virgin Media: 'Problem Management is not just for IT'

Amanda Kirby, CSI Manager at Virgin Media, provides a summary of her presentation for the UK itSMF conference entitled “10 steps to problem management – a real life journey”.

Amanda describes how the remit for problem management extends beyond IT to include networks, power and engineering. Problem Management even extends to the ‘My Virgin Media’ where consumer customers can manage their telecom and broadband accounts.

The problem management team has grown from 1 to 10 staff and is now taking a more proactive role. Learn more at Amanda’s session at the itSMF conference in November:

5 thoughts on “Virgin Media: 'Problem Management is not just for IT'”

  1. I wish I was able to attend-
    Question: They went from 1 PM to 10 PM’s, Did she mention if they reduced the number of Incident Managers at the same pace?

      1. Would you be willing to offer up free travel too?
        We are the 2013 ITSMF USA Project of the Year Winner!! I would be proud to represent Assurant at the UK conference…

    1. Hi Bob,
      We did reduce the overall number of Incident Managers but not at the same rate as a group they took on even more responsibilities (more business units & lower “priority” faults for example) as well as dramatically increasing the quality of what they report for management. It’s also a 24/7 shift team so there are minimum numbers we can reduce to.
      Happy to chat more at the conference, just come and say hi.
      Kind regards,

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