Announcing the winner of our itSMF UK Conference competition…

The entrance to the International Conference Centre

We recently gave all you lovely people the opportunity to win a FREE ticket to the upcoming itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition (4-5 November at the ICC in Birmingham), and now it’s time to announce the winner.

The instructions were simple: Tell us why you deserve a free ticket in less than 200 words.

And the winner is…

Gregory Baylis-Hall, IT Service Management Analyst at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP!

Greg’s entry was chosen because we felt, based on his submission, that not only would he benefit from attending the event, but that other attendees would benefit from him being there too.

Greg’s attitude of learning, sharing, and helping is exactly what the ITSM community needs, and something that we at ITSM Review strongly believe in.

The Submission

I’ve been a member of the itSMF UK for over two years and every year it’s held I always feel I’m missing out on something big. I’m refurbishing my house which has meant I can’t pay for the event myself.  Interacting on the twitter streams is the nearest I get to actually being there. To remedy this, some years ago I got involved and joined the committee for the BCS SMSG. This includes voluntary work organising and promoting events. Producing an audio cast of the sessions and sharing it amongst the ITSM community. Being an active member is rewarding and glues my professional and personal life together.

I’m reviewing our ITSM tool – and doing more for less all-round is a familiar trend  “keeping the lights on” isn’t good enough for me personally or the place I work! As a practitioner I need to grow and develop. Learning how others in the industry are innovating so I can aspire to be like them is fundamental for my attending the conference.  ITSM13 is a mini ITSM universe.  Everything and everyone connected to ITSM will be there and I’d like to get involved, share my experiences and be a small part of it.

We look forward to catching up with Greg at the event, and hope that he doesn’t mind being photographed / videoed / generally harrassed by us throughout the conference as we broadcast to the universe (ok to the ITSM community) how wonderful we are for giving him a free ticket how he is finding the event etc.

With a bit of luck *hint hint nudge nudge* Greg may even write a post-event review from a Practioner’s viewpoint for us to publish here at ITSM Review.

And to all the others…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone else who submitted an entry.  We hope to be able to run similar competitions for other exciting ITSM events in 2014.

Oh and a special mention…

To Daniel Billing, Senior Solution Architect at Symfoni for his entry, which almost deserved to win simply for giving all of us here at ITSM Review a good giggle:

Unicorns, Jesus and silverbullets are things people are constantly searching for, but I will make sure that this event will at least get the chance to experience and say “now that’s a nice beaver”. Beavers have poor sight but a strong sense of smell and good hearing, which makes them great at digging the dirt at the event. This beaver also knows how to write and would publish the highlight and lowlights.  Between one animal and another – I simply want to go there to hangout with ITSM Pengi.

And finally…

Whilst there are no further free tickets available, there is still plenty of time for you to book your place at the conference.  If you can’t make it, then keep on top of the event by following the Twitter hashtag #ITSM13.

We hope to see you there!

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