Review: Bomgar for Integrations

This independent review is part of our Integrations 2013 Group Test.

Executive Summary

Elevator Pitch A niche product that complements ITSM tools with a completely self-contained remote support offering that negates a lot of the issues around security and access
  • Specialises in remote support
  • Completely self-contained appliance
  • A wide range of integrations to some of the biggest ITSM vendors to complement service management end-to-end.
  • It can be difficult to change the mentality of organisations as to why they would need/benefit from an additionally integrated remote support tool, rather than looking for other alternatives.
Primary Market Focus Based on the information provided, Bomgar solutions are used by a range of customers from Small to Large.

Commercial Summary

Vendor Bomgar
Product Bomgar
Version reviewed Bomgar 13.1
Date of version release July 9 2013
Year founded 2003
Customers 7500
Pricing Structure Appliance-based (physical or virtual).Pricing starts at $1,188. Bomgar’s concurrent licensing model is based on simultaneous technician usage. Support organisations only need licenses for the number of technicians who will be logged in at one time, increasing ROI for organisations that provide around-the-clock support.
Competitive Differentiators
  1. Bomgar offer arguably the most uniquely secured remote support solution with quite literally their Bomgar orange box – a centralised, security hardened appliance that never passes data or system access through a third party. It handles standard authentication (e.g. Active Directory), and they offer a number of access controls out of the box, plus extensive audit trails and video recordings of sessions.
  2. Their remote support capability extends to almost any device imaginable – desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones and tablets.  They work across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry systems and devices.
  3. They are scalable and typically supply their solutions from small to large environments, enabling collaboration within teams and across external partnerships as offer the ability to remotely support a device from initiated chat support.

Independent Review

PrintAn appliance-based solution that allows you to remotely support almost any device anywhere in the world. It sounds actually too good to be true, when you think of complex organisations, often dealing with third party support contracts, but everything that Bomgar set up is all contained in a specifically hardened appliance that complies with an organisations security requirements, inside their firewall.

The front end that is presented to an organisation is customisable, and where Bomgar is integrated with major ITSM tools (their solution allows them to be tool agnostic) the support function blends in like part of the furniture.

Upgrades to the box are prepared by the mother-ship and sent down so that customers can apply it in accordance to their own schedules, so as not to flood the infrastructure.

Bomgar is a niche remote support offering complementing what the big ITSM players offer. Auditability and tracking within records of chats and sessions are a given, but the potential for the use of video-recording sessions lend themselves to more informative knowledge-base materials. But more than that – it opens the way for complex change management to be monitored and played back in case of failure, to make the rollback procedures (if required) perhaps easier for all concerned.

There are some aspects that might (in a cynical, outsourced and off-shored world) feel like big brother is watching you but where organisational support relationships are increasingly more complex, as are the business drivers they protect, it is perhaps additional belt and braces in a newer IT world.

Their biggest challenge is that of persuading organisations of their value alongside significant ITSM investment – what they do is allow you to provide additional and integrated support on what has already been done.

Integration and specific recognised criteria

At its core, the Bomgar offering is focussed around remote support and chat capabilities that can be integrated with ITSM systems. Remote support sessions and/or chat sessions can be launched directly from the ITSM console – no need to use a separate one, and is most likely used within Incidents, but can be extended to Change Management.  Everything discussed in that session is captured in a secure audit trail and incorporated in the related records within the ITSM tool.

Security Controls

Both the end-user and the support staff connect to the Bomgar box through outbound connections which keeps the system access secure. Session data is guarded by SSL encryption, and once the support session is over, Bomgar uninstalls itself, leaving no footprint on the remote system. But the entire session (remote support, chat and/or video) is captured and fed back to the ITSM ticket so it is possible to track who carried out which action, and when.

Asset and Configuration Information

Support can be provided to attended and unattended systems so a remote support session can be launched directly from an asset within the ITSM tool’s CMDB.

Support Services Integration

  • Remote Control

Bomgar differentiate between what an end user sees and how a support technician sees the same interface – use of language to make it less technical for the end user. They provide functionality that is integrated to the ITSM system to view and control the end user system, and can be initiated from the chat session.

  • Major Incidents Communications

They offer a “Team Chat” function only for technicians – and as with all the other functions they offer – everything is captured and logged. There is also an intriguing aspect – especially in complex environments where changes may require collaboration with third parties.

  • Support Chats

For user initiated chats, the session is opened within the context of their record automatically, with all the interactions recorded.

The chat records show how long the end user may expect to wait for attention – they can empower the end user to take control of the situation – do they want for someone to respond, or do they go to self-service, open a request and wait for one to be initiated to them.

Additional Areas of Integration

  • Unattended Remote Support

Because there is the capability to launch sessions from CMDB records, it lends itself to Change Request initiated sessions. Where a reboot is required, Bomgar just re-establishes the connection to continue the support process.

  • Video Recording for Knowledge Base

Some organisations extract the video for fixes, and use those to compile knowledge base articles within the ITSM tool.

Bomgar Service Management Customers

From the Bomgar Brochure

  • Bomgar’s remote support solution enables you to remotely access and fix nearly any device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world.
  • Control multiple systems, chat with multiple end-users, and collaborate with other reps to fix problems faster.
  • Unlike old-school point-to-point remote access tools and cloud-based solutions, Bomgar routes all activity through a secure appliance that sits behind your firewall.

In Their Own Words:

Bomgar is the leader in enterprise remote support solutions, which allow technicians to securely access and fix nearly any system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices, and unattended systems, such as kiosks, POS systems, servers and routers. Bomgar helps IT organisations speed response times, increase staff productivity, improve security, and resolve incidents more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Designed for the enterprise, Bomgar understands the unique challenges of securely supporting numerous systems and employees around the world.

  • Security: The Bomgar appliance includes 50+ support representative permissions, and captures a comprehensive audit trail and video recording of every support session.
  • Collaboration: Bomgar allows support technicians to bring experts into a remote support session to swarm around an issue, speeding time to resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Integrations: Bomgar offers pre-built integrations with the leading IT Service Management vendors to streamline the support process and ensure all activity is captured in a single location.
  • Multi-Platform: Bomgar allows support technicians to use one, centralised solution to support nearly any type of device or operating system, which helps IT organisations provide a consistent support experience across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Today, more than 7,500 customers across 65 countries have chosen Bomgar to significantly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Bomgar clients include some of the world’s leading IT outsourcers, systems integrators, software vendors, healthcare organisations, government institutions, colleges and universities and financial institutions.


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This independent review is part of our Integrations 2013 Group Test.

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