How Does Your Helpdesk Solution Contribute To The Health Of Your Overall IT Infrastructure?

4504031924_790b6af945_zGiven everyone’s reliance on technology, a helpdesk solution is an integral part of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Naturally, with a helpdesk you picture skilled IT technicians assisting end-users with workstation issues. While this might be the main purpose of a helpdesk, it goes beyond IT support tasks and actually helps you oversee the health of all your IT resources. In essence, your helpdesk can be a panacea for all your IT ills.

In a recent report commissioned by Emulex Corporation, the research team at Forrester surveyed 158 IT professionals regarding how they manage business-critical IT applications. The results offered insight into some of the key challenges IT professionals face in their day-to-day operations. Here are some key points from the survey:

  • 56% of those surveyed cited that 25% of their critical performance issues cannot be resolved within 24 hours.
  • IT pros spend the majority of their time troubleshooting network and security issues.
  • Network visibility is vital for resolving most IT issues.

The lack of network visibility impedes your ability to identify the root cause of IT issues. This impacts first-call resolution rates as well as cost-per-incident effectiveness.


Here are some tips for using your helpdesk solution to identify and remedy network issues:

  • Use helpdesk solution that integrates well with a network monitoring solution and lets you configure helpdesk alert filtering rules.
  • Configure your network monitoring tool to share its alerts with your helpdesk software.
  • Incorporate a standby server to back up your data. A failover server is helpful for switching over the data.
  • Set up your helpdesk solution to receive and assimilate alert data and automatically assign tickets to specific technicians.
  • Use a helpdesk solution that automatically triggers new alerts and notes updates on existing tickets according to changes within the network parameters.
  • Configure alert variables to filter alerts based on severity and location. (This can provide information about your operating system, machine type, IP address, DNS, total memory, system name, location, alert type, etc.)

Just like you, all IT pros need to accomplish more with smaller IT budgets and less resources. A helpdesk solution that effectively integrates with your network monitoring tool and quickly identifies network issues can be a panacea for all your IT ills.

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