Rejuvenated BMC puts UX at the heart of Remedy

The new BMC logo
The new BMC logo

BMC’s user conference ‘BMC Engage’ will be held in Florida, USA, from the 13th to 16th October.

BMC will be showcasing a number of new initiatives and innovations including a revamped user experience for Remedy users.

With the new look and feel to Remedy comes a new look and feel to the company image (See logo right).

Smart IT

The BMC Remedy with Smart IT release includes:

  • Contemporary look and feel focussed on user experience
  • A responsive experience for Remedy users across mobile, tablet and desktop (Responsive = the application presents an optimal view for users based on the device they are using without intervention).
  • Fast context aware searching (Think Google auto-complete for helpdesk)
  • Fast and intuitive data entry, minimizing the use of forms
  • Leveraging social mechanisms, with context and location aware knowledge management

BMC provided a fresh new approach to their ITSM end user experience via ‘My IT’ – Smart IT is a similar refresh for the back office part of Remedy.

I thought My IT was a bit too visionary for the average service desk.  It looks great on paper but I struggled to see how an average organization might make use of it given their maturity. Smart IT joins up a lot of the dots and brings new speed and value to everyday processes – At first glance it looks like something ITSM folks would actually want to and enjoy using. The interface looks remarkably clean, intuitive and modern – and they can start benefitting from it NOW, not as part of an IT vision of the future.

I remember reviewing Numara prior to the BMC acquisition many moons ago and being impressed by the persona based logins to the same system. This ethos seems to have carried through to Remedy with focus on personas over ITIL processes, user experience over frameworks. One pane of glass with different uses and approaches to the same data.

I was particularly impressed by the natural language search in Smart IT (Think Google auto-complete meets logging a service desk ticket). I’ve seen similar super fast natural language search in Tanium, it kicks traditional reporting and Boolean queries in to touch.

It makes me think that perhaps the ITSM Review should perform a bake-off on which ITSM tool vendor could record an incident the quickest whilst capturing the most accurate and relevant data?

“The IT team at Cornell is looking forward to leveraging the new ITSM experience that Remedy will offer with Smart IT,” said Benoit McNicoll, collaboration services manager at Cornell University. “We believe this modern, easy-to-use interface will help IT staff across the university work more productively. Smart IT is promising for the institution, and we feel it gives us a new venue for IT services, as well as an added desire to leverage more features of Remedy.”

First impressions are very good and it’s great to see BMC innovating and competing after privatization with fresh and relevant features. We look forward to examining Remedy in more detail.

Smart IT is available immediately at no additional cost for Remedy customers on version 7.6.04 SP2 or above.