Industry News Roundup Incl The Project Management Rap

13050063965_7a64771344_zNo time to read all the interesting industry news and info floating around social media and appearing in your inbox? Read our round up of what we’ve found interesting this week.

  • When The Hell Are You Going To Patch? – Rex McMillan writes for LANDESK on why sometimes you just need to patch the hole. Read more here
  • Project Management Rap– Making us laugh, learn and, if we’re honest, cringe a little in the office this week is this Project Management Rap from Chris Croft. Watch/Listen here (Via Vladimir Ivanov on LinkedIn)
  • Changing Jobs in Your Twenties Could Lead To A More Fulfilling Career – Thinking those applicants who’ve moved jobs several times are a hiring risk? Think again. Read more here
  • Why You Should Never Swear On Your LinkedIn Profile – With 93% of recruiters using LinkedIn to vet candidates the reasons are obvious. If you ask us the pussycats and fluffy bunnies should also be reserved for Facebook. Read more here
  • Lack Of BYOD Policies Put Mobile Business Data At Risk – BT warns that UK businesses are not taking adequate measures against mobile security breaches. Read more here
  • Culture: The One Thing A Bank Can’t Buy – Matt Pancino of Suncorp explains how culture makes the difference between those that disrupt and those that are disrupted. Read more here
  • Find A Career Wingman To Help Navigate The Career Ladder – No longer just for trying to find a suitable…um…partner, a wingman could help you with your job! Read more here

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