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Just hanging about
Just hanging about

ITIL Manifesto Update

We’ve come quite a long way in a fairly short space of time. And there’s a lot more to do.

We’re running two public Google Hangouts On Air in January.

These hangouts will have up to ten active participants (and you can be one of the ten – see below). They’re also broadcast live via YouTube. Viewers on YouTube can ask questions via a comments feature which we’ll collect and answer (if we can!) towards the end of the session. You’re also invited to submit questions ahead of the hangouts and we’ll try to answer as many of these as possible too.

(For a recap on where we are and the data we’ve gathered – see: )

Planned Hangout On Air Schedule

1. What is the ITIL Manifesto? Tuesday 13th Jan 2014 starting 8pm (20:00) GMT

  • A session to agree the intent, purpose and definition of the ITIL Manifesto.
  • We gathered many great ideas earlier in the year, and we still want to do something with them. The ITSM14 session asked us questions we didn’t necessarily have answers for, so this is a session to answer one of them – and arguably the most important – what the purpose, intent and definition of the ITIL Manifesto is.
  • We’ll also talk about the ITIL Manifesto in relation to similar initiatives, who our customers are and how we test the manifesto with them.

2. Structure & Deliverables for the ITIL Manifesto Tuesday 20th Jan 2014 starting 8pm (20:00) GMT

  • How are we going to present the manifesto? What format will it take?
  • A number of themes were identified during the early idea gathering phases. This session will review those, agree the themes the manifesto will address and talk about how the themes and grouped ideas will be turned into the finished product.
  • How do we release the finished product(s)? What mechanisms (such as Creative Commons) can we consider to let it be freely available whilst recognising the people who have input their time and effort to the initiative?
  • We’ll discuss attribution, commercialisation, derivative works.
  • After this session, we’ll ask for individuals and community groups to start working on part or all of the end products – the manifesto statements and principles.

Getting Involved as an active participant

If you’d like to be one of the ten in either (or both*) sessions, please email and let me know which session you’d like to be in, a short bio, and why you’d like to be involved. You’ll need to have fairly decent internet access, a webcam and a google account to sign in to the hangout. Full requirements here.

You’ll also need to prepare a short introduction (max 45s) covering who you are, your areas of expertise in the IT or business world and can include who you work for and your current role if you’re comfortable sharing that. It should also cover what interest you have in the ITIL Manifesto – what it means to you personally.

(*if demand is high we may have to restrict people to just one hangout)

Getting Involved as a viewer

If you don’t want to be part of the active discussion but would like to observe and ask questions, either during the session or beforehand, then that’s equally as valuable. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions – we want the final product to stand up to scrutiny and provide real value.

  • Asking questions before the hangout: Please post them in the comment thread below this article.
  • Asking questions during the hangout: Stay tuned for instructions on how to view and comment on the public hangout nearer the time.

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