Review: ServiceNow for Outside IT 2014 (Best in Class)


ServiceNow (Best in Class)

This independent review is part of our Outside IT Review.

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Executive Summary

Elevator Pitch A leader in Enterprise Service Management (ESM) – ServiceNow is positively and proactively leading and driving the industry forward in using ITSM technology and practices beyond IT.ServiceNow has numerous impressive implementations of non-IT bespoke applications, and promotes this as the way forward for IT, also offering several non-IT packages to the market.
  • Strong strategic focus and messaging/positioning to help support and drive the Outside IT/collaboration/ESM agenda
  • Toolset provides extensive and mature capability and flexibility for development, plus out-of-the-box ITSM and business process functionality
  • A large number of established turnkey business (non-IT) applications provided e.g. for HR, finance, facilities and asset management
  • Impressive number of customers already using bespoke applications Outside IT in areas such as: HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Facilities, Legal, Procurement, etc.
  • Vendor and product positioned for large-to-very-large size organisations – culture, approach and budget may not fit small-to-medium and mid-market organisations
  • Message and culture may not fit with more traditional organisations/departments not currently looking to integrate or collaborate across internal functions
Primary Market Focus Based on the information provided, ServiceNow is primarily a large-to-very large market solution.

Commercial Summary

Vendor ServiceNow
Product ServiceNow IT Service Automation SuiteServiceNow Service Automation Platform
Version reviewed Eureka
Date of version Release June 2014
Year Founded 2004
Customers 2000+ customers world-wide, of which over 400 are Global 2000 organisations
Pricing Structure “ServiceNow products are sold in suites or individually and are prices monthly on a user basis. Orchestration and Discovery are options that are priced monthly on a node or device basis, respectively.”
Competitive Differentiators
  • Strong presence as enterprise-wide solution provider, following initial emergence as market-disruptive SAAS option
  • Leader in the market in terms of promoting and delivering enterprise-wide solutions that extend beyond IT

Independent Review

ServiceNow is an established leading player in the enterprise ITSM market. The product is multi-functional and appears to be highly configurable to customer requirements. Furthermore, it offers extensive options and capabilities in and beyond ITSM for all internal service functions – e.g. HR, Finance, Customer Service, etc.

In the review ServiceNow provided the most extensive and comprehensive list of examples of customer implementations Outside IT, a good example of which is REI, which uses the toolset for HR and Finance as well as for IT requests and functionality.

This, in tandem with an impressive list of existing bespoke and turnkey business applications in the product, in our opinion makes ServiceNow a proactive leader in the Outside IT space.


In The ITSM Review’s opinion, ServiceNow has taken the lead in the ITSM market by promoting the opportunity for IT departments to re-invent themselves and become the facilitators of change and automation across all areas of organisations, using the basic concepts of ITSM and the toolset capabilities.

This service automation capability is branded as an opportunity for ESM and is promoted as an enabler and differentiator for IT organisations to recover credibility and relevance with their customer base.

Sales Strategy

In our view, ServiceNow’s approach to sales strategy is game-changing, given that it can help to re-define value and purpose for IT organisations, by helping them to succeed in ways that traditional IT (and other internal service) departments have struggled for years. It is also clear that the market needs this sort of focus and organisations that are adopting “collaboration” principles are thriving and are focussed on key business needs rather than being weighed down by internal process and functional divisions.

ServiceNow is currently leveraging sales based on this wider business or ESM focus, beyond IT and ITSM, which should continue to support sales growth, as more organisations require internal functions to be integrated and collaborative with the rest of the business.

Current Use

ServiceNow also offers a number of turnkey products, i.e. ServiceNow built non-IT applications, available for areas such as HR, facilities etc. together with customer built custom apps available via ServiceNow Share.

The ServiceNow sales and marketing message and positioning is co-ordinated to drive the message of collaboration across organisations, a refreshed focus on ESM, which is supported by sales and operations teams who are targeting this type of sale.

ServiceNow is established as a global vendor selling to large and enterprise organisations. ServiceNow uses positive IT/ITSM industry and media messaging, high profile events and media to promote their offerings and the ESM approach.

ServiceNow also uses an extensive global network of service providers and partners for building, delivering and implementing its products and business applications.

ServiceNow also integrate with, or are building integrations with, over 85 companies/technologies, thus showing proven experience and accessibility in linking with other technologies.

In Summary

In The ITSM Review’s opinion, ServiceNow is an excellent option for large-and-very large sized businesses looking to achieve synergy and efficiency of cross-departmental operations, as well as flexibility in their IT and wider non-IT shared service operations. Furthermore, we believe it is an excellent option for large and very large organisations implementing service management and work automation across and beyond IT.

We feel that ESM is a strong and forward-thinking message and an excellent opportunity for real success through ITSM and wider service management and automation. In our opinion, this is a stronger and more sustainable message than ServiceNow’s earlier focus on Cloud/commercial models, community and flexibility (although useful and helpful) as the ESM message transcends IT and straddles business areas and can finally take ITSM to a C-Level audience for sales and delivered value.

In our view, continued expansion via the ESM message and product capability for Global Enterprises should be the ServiceNow goal, possibly with some options on how to take this message to the mid-market market in future.

In their own words

“ServiceNow is the enterprise IT cloud company. We transform IT by automating and managing IT service relationships across the global enterprise. Organizations deploy our service to create a single system of record for IT and automate manual tasks, standardize processes, and consolidate legacy systems. Using our extensible platform, our customers create custom applications and evolve the IT service model to service domains inside and outside the enterprise.

ServiceNow offers a portfolio of robust cloud-based products that automate and manage IT service relationships across the enterprise. Our products have the advantage of being built on a single cloud platform that consists of one user interface, one code base and one data model, delivering easy, automated upgrades. ServiceNow provides an intuitive and approachable user experience complete with expert services to accelerate time-to-value.
The ServiceNow Service Automation Platform is a highly configurable, approachable and extensible cloud platform built on an enterprise-grade infrastructure. All ServiceNow applications, as well as custom applications created by ServiceNow customers and partners, are built on this common, underlying platform.

ServiceNow IT Service Automation applications evolve the service model so that IT can spend more time delivering innovative business solutions and less time managing infrastructure overhead. ServiceNow enterprise IT users can replace redundant processes and fragmented service systems with an application suite that utilizes a single data model. This provides a single system of record for IT. With ServiceNow, IT can consolidate legacy systems, automate manual tasks, and consumerize the user experience.”

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