Review: Alemba vFire Core

This independent review is part of our Self Service Market Review.

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Commercial Summary

Vendor Alemba Limited
Product vFire Core
Version reviewed 9.2.0
Date of version Release 2014
Year Founded 2007
Customers 350
Pricing Structure Currently vFire is sold as a perpetual licence for concurrent and dedicated agent users, the customer interface is supplied as an unlimited licence.


Elevator Pitch ITSM functionality and user oriented product with simple and fresh interface.

Delivers most of the key functions and with simple intuitive editing and building capability.

Industry areas Aims to compete at enterprise level as a multi-function ITSM tool – also can provide a number of technical interfaces and views on virtualised environments – e.g. CMDB.
Unique points Alemba say their USP is their variety of plug in VMWare connectors – so they can provide technical insight and capability around highly virtualized environments.

Self Service function is provides standard-looking interface with extensive functionality.

Target market Enterprise and large IT and ITSM organisations – particularly VMware customers.

Positioned mostly at ITSM market.

Solutions/ issues solved Simple approach to ITSM – also some technical integration (in specific VMware market).
Product/vendor gaps
  • Little social interface or functionality
  • Could show more of a non-technical cross departmental builds – e.g. for HR –   but presentation is aimed at ITSM
  • Simple modern friendly interface
  • My IT world – nice simple dashboard
  •  Choice for users of logging via Service Catalogue or MY IT store
  • Extensive control and workflow integration – updating/creation drag and drop
  •  Multi-tenancy approach
  • Extensive control over KB creation and upkeep
  • Auto-provision Virtual desktop
  • Reporting – clear and simple
  • Small company, now independent from VMware – still growing
  • Product still playing catch up in some areas as fully function rich ITSM enterprise offering
  •  Social interface missing
Overall view Looks to be a credible competitor in tier 1 and tier 2 markets – high end ITSM functionality for the enterprise.

May be playing catch up with other players in this area but the product has extensive functionality and also looks clean and quite fresh as an ITSM tool.

Vendor information

thumbnailAt Alemba we understand that effective communication between the IT Department and its end users is essential to the success of any organization. Designed with user engagement in mind, vFire Customer Portal offers a modern,attractive interface that is highly intuitive.

vFire provides:

  • self-service logging for your customers
  • a Knowledge Bank, making it easier to find solutions to known issues
  • a recognizable and intuitive Shopping Cart function
  • Service Desk performance statistics with customer friendly dashboards
  • review of Major Incidents affecting the customer organization
  • up-to-date, relevant News Bulletins
  • the ability to personalize vFire Portal to reflect corporate branding
Key Business Benefits
  • Effective communication between Service Desk and customer base
  • Efficient cost and resource management
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer calls, improving the efficiency of the Service Desk
  • Fewer logged Incidents by promotion of Knowledge Bank articles.