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Commercial Summary

Vendor Cherwell SoftwareTM
Product Cherwell Service Management®
Version reviewed 5.1
Date of version Release December 2014
Year Founded 2007
Customers 700+
Pricing Structure # of IT Users, Concurrent Licensing



Elevator Pitch Fully functional ITSM and self service capability. Product looks good and is simple to manage and maintain. Ticks the boxes for functionality, positioning (ITSM and Front end) and vendor approach.
Industry areas Mid market upwards. Organisations that want to be self-sufficient and to be able to control their own technology.
Flexible and function rich – self service is well designed for user engagement.
Unique points
  • One Step is simple micro template for workflow – can be applied across processes.
  • Process design / workflow are strong and well designed – good UX.Reporting and dashboards are also good quality.Vendor pitch leads on depth and quality of self-sufficiency and integration capability.
  • Merge-able Apps – (app-store) across customers also very useful to provide users with canned applications.
Target market Large SME – Mid sized and large Enterprise market – in-house IT and back office services.
Solutions/ issues solved Provides an engaging UX for customers. Simple to use and administer. Well integrated with other tools and platforms (e.g. Microsoft).
Product/vendor gaps Product doesn’t handle multi-tenancy easily.
Vendor still relatively small and growing – partner base recently tripled.
  • Workflow – editing is recorded – blueprint allows roll back if mistakes are made.
  • My Items – tracking on details of requests, incidents, problems and major incidents.
  • Consumerised product look and feel.
  • Can trigger other tools for Software distribution.
  • One step – workflow templates – micro workflow.
  • Now part of Microsoft Partnership Program.
  • Dashboards for users – can run but not create dashboards.
  • Password reset – requires registration – link to AD or other validation resetting tool.
  • Scripting only for links to other tools – via API.
  • Product doesn’t handle multi-tenancy easily – not target (MSP) market.
Overall view Good all round solution, Vendor’s challenge is squeezed between low end low cost offerings – which it beats on quality and functionality – and high end ‘big 5’, where it can’t compete in corporate terms, but can on usability and self-sufficiency.
Cherwell in top area of the mid-size tier 2 market and now potentially challenging the large enterprise vendors.

Vendor information

download (2)As Cherwell Software was founded on a strategic vision to provide “Innovative technology built on timeless values”—a consummate commitment to build both great software solutions and exceptional customer relationships. Cherwell accomplishes this through a simple yet time-tested approach: we listen to our customers and serve their needs.

Cherwell Service Management® delivers exceptional business technology and business revenue enablement in an innovative and business consumer-oriented way, meeting our customers’ service desk software needs and giving them a powerful development platform to solve their long-term business process challenges throughout any organization – from HR to Facilities to Legal, creating a basis for strategic Service Relationship Management. Other competitors offer a development platform – we just do it better, easier, and make it more affordable.


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