Review: EasyVista Service Manager

This independent review is part of our Self Service Market Review.

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Commercial Summary

Vendor EasyVista
Product EasyVista ServiceManager
Version reviewed 2014
Date of version Release Summer 2014
Year Founded 1988
Customers 887
Pricing Structure Both EasyVista packaging options, SaaS and On-Premise, include licensing that is all inclusive of ITIL functionality and is based solely on the number of IT Users. Licenses include mobile access, reporting and dashboard capabilities and administration access. Self-service portal and service catalog are included with unlimited access. EasyVista Discovery is fully integrated and based on the number of assets automatically discovered.

  • EasyVista SaaS includes all functionality and is available in named or concurrent subscription models. Maintenance is included in the subscription price.
  • EasyVista On-Premise includes all functionality and is available in a concurrent perpetual license model. Maintenance is 20% of the discounted software license price.
  • EasyVista ServiceApps (Gallery and Interface Designer) is included at no extra charge for EasyVista ServiceManager SaaS customers.


Elevator Pitch EV provides a traditional and function rich ITSM toolset, plus a modern looking App store (Service Apps) approach that uses the toolset and other non-proprietary widgets to build customer and process-based tools.
Industry areas Good for medium sized organisations who want to leverage either ITSM functionality and/or easy to build (non-IT) service apps.
Unique points Self service provided is straightforward and utilizes other industry tools and ‘widgets’ for ease of implementation.
Target market SME to large medium sized or smaller enterprise.
Solutions/ issues solved Provides a good level of standard ITSM capability, plus industry standard tools to build interfaces and more advanced applications.
Product/vendor gaps Workflow, although ‘code-less’ looks basic and not as intuitive/graphics as some of its competitors.

Some functions look like they could be more integrated within the tool – there is a definite old/new split of UX.

  • Product does standard ITSM and Self Service functions.
  • Good levels of capability around provisioning, security, SSO, knowledge.
  • Widget approach to apps looks good
  • Nice feature re the recording and playback to customers of their analytics
  • Customer success network
  • Unlimited licences for self service and mobile
  • SSO – and 2 stage authorisation when needed
  • Decision tree KB Option – a bit long winded
  • UX in some parts of system looks dated
  • Vendor experienced but with only recent experience of enterprise implementations – not set up with comparable professional services
Overall view Looks a good multi function product although doesn’t look and feel like this is really aimed at enterprise, as grown out of SME market.

May be squeezed against cheaper SME products and higher spec enterprise vendors.

Provides a good level of complete ITSM and self service capability, plus some nice features around customer data and feedback. Maybe needs more of a non-IT marketing focus to sell the enterprise capability.

 Vendor information

EASYVISTA_logo_4c-300x90EasyVista has designed a solution that makes it simple for each and every customer to engage with you.

EasyVista allows IT to design secure, integrated and personalized customer facing Apps (interfaces) that bring together elements from disparate systems to create collaborative customer experiences, accessible on any device and that are tailored to their specific needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to the self-service shopping experience. With EasyVista you are no longer tied to a single self-service portal or service catalog. You can create multiple service catalogs and self-service portals that are brandable and can be embedded in any website or existing intranet portal. The flexibility to fully configure a website with a service catalog, chat/video/audio interactions, important customer facing metrics, knowledge articles, social media feeds, software on demand and any other IT or non-IT service related action is simple and accessible with EasyVista.