Review: Freshservice

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Commercial Summary

Vendor Freshdesk Inc.
Product Freshservice
Version reviewed N/A
Date of version Release January 2015
Year Founded 2010
Customers 3000
Pricing Structure Per agent and per number of assets.


Elevator Pitch This is a good product aimed at the SMB and mid-market primarily, with a lot of basic ITSM functionality at a relatively low cost.
Industry areas Small to medium business, internal IT.
Unique points The gamification capability is very straightforward, looks good and is simple to use. Also their general ITSM approach and UX is quite straightforward.
Target market SME, SMB, Medium and small enterprise.
Solutions/ issues solved Simple OOTB implementation and low cost.
Product/vendor gaps
  • Beyond basic configuration, the tool still needs tech skills to build or change
  • Product currently missing a social interface
  • Overall functionality developing but still behind market in some areas
  • Single sign on using AD – for access
  • Company is growing in numbers and continuing to develop product
  • Multiple portal capability
  • Knowledge auto-suggestions when entering data – liked by customers
  • Planning and developing a number of new areas:
    – SCCM integration with Patch management 2 / 3 months
    – MS Azure now released
    – Integration with Bomgar released March 2015- already integrated with password reset
    – Social (Yammer) interface
  • Basic customization can be non-technical – advanced configuration requires some HTML programming
  • E.g. Process workflow can be amended although not with graphical interface
  • No direct provisioning / fulfilment at present
  • End user interface – basic options based on IT analyst/agent details
  • Knowledgebase help for end users – basic searching only. IT internal users can get access to articles
Overall view Freshservice have gained a lot of customers in a relatively short space of time, and are working hard to get the product up to a good broad level of ITSM capability.
They may also take more customers from larger legacy vendors when clients switching to cloud and looking for simple solutions at low cost.
A good option for low cost basic functionality with some excellent features – e.g. Gamification.
The Self Service Capability is functional if limited OOTB. This may be sufficient for the (Target) SME market.

 Vendor inlogoformation

Freshservice is an online ITIL service desk with a fresh twist. It puts a refreshing user experience on top of powerful ticketing and asset management capabilities, and is the most user-friendly app in the space.  In addition to core functionalities like Incident, Problem, Change, Release and Asset Management, Freshservice also lets you put your knowledge base on the cloud.


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