Review: LANDESK Service Desk (Best in Class)

This independent review is part of our Self Service Market Review.

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Commercial Summary

Product LANDESK Service Desk
Version reviewed 7.8
Date of version Release January 2015
Year Founded 1985
Customers 1000 worldwide
Pricing Structure IT-Users, fixed or concurrent license (ability for customers to mix licenses). Premise or SaaS Delivery. Unlimited End Users.

(Also alternatively available as part of LANDESK Total User Management package which is End User licensed only, unlimited IT Users)


Elevator Pitch This is an excellent fully functional ITSM and wider IT Management suite of products, presented with a number of well-embedded links and functional capabilities.
Industry areas It’s aimed at the larger/Medium to Enterprise IT organisation and provides simple to use and user-friendly interfaces and options – e.g. workflow.
Unique points
  • Provides good standard ITSM across the board, plus some innovative features
  • Provides a good deal of automation to remove unnecessary tasks – e.g. adding screen print is simple so that this is not time consuming
  • New USP functions promised
Target market Medium to large enterprise.

Enterprise organisations looking to do integrated ITSM, good for user experience and self service and provisioning.

Solutions/ issues solved Excellent technical integration for auto-provisioning and other IT management functions – SSO, password reset etc.

A number of examples of client built screens and styles, genius bar integration – mobile interface, Chat.

Product/vendor gaps Some social interfaces not in product but these are available via partners – XMatters and Nexthink.
  • System automaton – run book automation – with service desk
  • Enterprise app store
  • All language codes supported for mobile and end user experience – Self Service set in the language of the user
  • Graphical workflow tool looks easy to use and build without code
  • Workspace – Overlay product that ties together multiple separate area of expertise – single presentation layer rather than having to switch between interfaces. Place you go to do your job
  • Self service embeds in SharePoint – with API
  • Simple button to switch between analyst dashboard and external view
  • Ability to provision software directly – e.g. with adobe, plus costing
  • Single sign on 3rd party authentication
  • Chat – support process with workflow, can create incident problem and change – direct link from self-service to change
  • Simple integration with remote control functions
  • Social interfaces not in the product
  • May be overkill for smaller organisations – Self Service not available standalone
Overall view A good fit for high function ITSM and customer experience – particularly for their target market.

They should continue to gain market share because they are continually renewing with industry trends and innovations, whilst still providing strong basic functionality, e.g. moving to collaborative working using ‘workspaces’.

Vendor information

LANDESK-logo-RGBLANDESK’s self service capability empowers workers 24/7 from anywhere with instant access to the services and resources they need, when they need them. The solution offers a consumer-style experience that frees users to help themselves easily. You improve the relationship with your end-user customers and boost their productivity and that of IT staff with minimal effort.

  • Users can log and track issues, search knowledge to help themselves, reset passwords, and collaborate through IT social discussion
  • Users can see and request the services they’re entitled to. Automate software and service deployment for zero-touch provisioning
  • Follow the same IT processes tied to SLAs as if users were calling in. Offer a consistent support experience regardless of the route to the service desk.
  • Easy access from anywhere through an app from the Apple App Store for iOS, through Google Play for Android mobile devices, or through a responsive web app.