Tesco: every little (extra IT management) helps

Business process company xMatters has announced a partnership with Tesco’s Technology division to help update its communications platform for managing IT incidents.

Tesco: first store opened in 1929, some operations have been updated since the firm’s earliest days

The objective here for Tesco was increased visibility of IT incidents across its technology platforms globally. The new upgrades have been credited with improving IT issue acknowledgement within the first critical minutes of an IT issue.
Tesco has 7,600 stores in 12 markets and began this programme in July 2014. The xMatters implementation was rolled out in four weeks.

DevOps? That’s aisle 16 dear

The programme to deliver this collaboration was part of Tesco’s IT organisational re-work, which saw the retail giant adopting a DevOps IT model amongst its 4,000 technologists.

Rob Ainscough, Technology Change Manager at Tesco said, “The visibility that xMatters has enabled, now allows Tesco to react appropriately to high priority IT incidents. Before, there was no way for me to consistently receive information about incidents as they happened. Now, it’s easy as I have all of the information I need to do my job at my fingertips.”

Ainscough thinks that getting customer service right is crucial for future success.

“Customer service is central to what we do, so we needed to change the way we manage IT incidents globally. We needed a standardised and proven method of global communication, and the xMatters platform helped us connect with the right people at the right time in a consistent way, with a 24/7 focus on the customer,” he said.

The solution is used across nine contact centres globally and is used for notifying all high priority incidents 24/7, both within Tesco’s Technology division and across the wider business.

Accountability, now freshly baked

Since implementation, Tesco has not only improved collaboration, but it has driven increased accountability in IT incident management through the partnership.

Teon Rosandic, VP EMEA, xMatters said, “We’re delighted that our advanced SaaS communications platform is playing such an important role in helping Tesco to deliver a world-class experience to its internal and external customers. By giving users the ability to be more agile across the organisation globally, the business is beginning to benefit from less downtime and better visibility and resolution of IT incidents.”

Today’s modern enterprises need effective solutions in place that give them a competitive edge. xMatters technology facilitates efficient two-way communications to the relevant internal teams and external service providers.

Agility and effectiveness, from IT ops to baked goods

It supports those responsible for a rapid resolution, from assigning a service ticket to the on-call resolution team to setting up an instant conference bridge during a crisis situation and escalating communications in alignment with pre-defined processes. This makes distributed teams more social, collaborative and productive and the overall business more effective, agile and competitive.