Happy Christmas!

In the immortal words of Noddy Holder, it’s Christmaaaaaaaas!!  Happy Christmas to all our fabulous readers from everyone here at the ITSM Review. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant 2016.


For shift workers and all our readers who have to work over the Christmas break, we’ve put together a little care package to keep you going. Some of it’s work, some of it’s fun and we’ve even thrown some funny cat videos into the mix; if you’re working over the holidays, consider this a Christmas hug from us here at Enterprise Opinion towers:

Work Content

Here is the link to some of our most popular articles this year, from DevOps to SIAM and from Shadow IT to Knowledge Management, we’ve got you covered. You can also check out our sister sites, the ITAM Review and Tools Adviser. For everything itSMF related, check out the itSMF UK and itSMF Ireland websites (hi @BarclayRae and @itSMF_ie) and for ITIL towers check out the AXELOS website here.

The British and Irish computing societies are always full of interesting content as is the Back2ITSM group on Facebook and a big hello to some of there other ITSM sites out there in particular All Things ITSM and Service Desk 360. For a geektastic look at anything techie related, check out vulture central at The Register and if you fancy super charging your ITSM qualifications check out our friends at Pink Elephant.


Fun Stuff

Because I’ve worked in IT forever, I’ve done my fair share of Christmas on calls or working over the holidays so here are some of my favourite sites:


Remember guys it’s Christmas so if all else fails, Quality Street for breakfast (but the green triangles are mine OK?) stick The Pogues, Band Aid and Slade on the radio and check out this video (nothing to do with Christmas but was the best thing on the internet this year): 


Happy Christmas!!


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