itSMF Czech Republic 2016 Conference

It’s the Czech Republic baby! The itSMF Czech Republic will be holding their annual conference next month – the first big ITSM event for 2016 – how exciting is that? Here’s what we know so far:

About the conference


The aim of this year’s conference is to help senior management in both private companies and public organisations optimise performance using best practice, standards, methods and techniques within IT.

IT can be either simple or complicated, but which way is best? This issue and much more will be addressed at the itSMF Czech Republic conference. Together we will be discussing whether simplicity means a higher quality of service for less money or if the reverse is true.  Are there other routes that will lead us to the holy grail of  optimal quality and optimal cost?  At this year’s conference we will look at practical examples of where simplicity worked and the other side of the story where the quality needed required more sophisticated solutions.

This year’s conference is a joint event for the itSMF Czech Republic and the Czech Association of IT Managers The conference will be over two days and has four work streams:

  • Simple or Complex IT? (Where is the optimum in terms of usability, processes and information security?)
  • Software as a Service in the commercial sector
  • Enterprise Architecture (pros and cons of using this approach in Governance and Public Sector)
  • Software as a Service in the public sector


Event Details:

Date: 21st and 22nd January 2016

Name:  A Simple or Complex IT?

Organiser: itSMF Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Association of IT Managers

Venue: the Top Hotel Prague 

Are you planning on going to the conference in Prague next month? Let us know in the comments.


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