Coming Soon: SIAM Group Test

Our next Group Test will explore how toolsets can aid you on your SIAM journey:


Service Integration & Management (SIAM) is the term given to a multi-vendor service model, where the traditional service towers (storage, network, infrastructure, desktop, service desk, etc) are sourced to a supplier eco-system.

This is supported by an internal or external SIAM function which delivers IT Service Management, end-to-end governance and business focus, as well as undertaking the integration of the various service provider capabilities, into a business facing service

Tool Criteria & Scope:

Our remit is to explore how dedicated toolsets can aid SIAM and deliver value to the client organisation.

The group test will focus on specific SIAM challenges, rather than duplicating the test criteria typically associated with the procurement of a Service Management tool. The tool review will focus upon the following areas:

  • Integration of the tool with other tools for exchange of master data, ticket data and CMDB / Asset data (including relationships between CIs)

  • Ability to onboard / offboard service providers

  • Ability to manage master data (priorities, locations, users, etc), including maintenance, bulk upload, and reconciliation

  • Ability to support configuration changes to workflow

  • Ability to support serial and parallel assignment of tasks to different service providers, potentially across toolsets

  • Ability to track progress of assigned tickets and tasks in real-time, generating automated alerts in accordance with user defined near-breach/breach parameters

  • Ability to apply multiple SLA/OLA/UC clocks to a single ticket and run these in parallel

  • Ability to produce comprehensive reports on Service Provider SLA performance service tower performance and end user SLA performance, both in real-time and on-demand

  • Ability to act as the point of control between IT supply and IT demand

  • Ability to manage Change & Release Management across multiple suppliers – how to carry out a solid risk assessment across multiple vendors and multiple roles

  • Effective management of commercial component; for managing contracts, procurement, service level penalties, invoicing, etc.

  • Effective management of integration component for all activities that focus on the actual coordination of the services provided by the multiple suppliers, and can be split up in three sub-layers: managerial (e.g., vendor analytics, project management), operational (e.g., cross-supplier change management), and infrastructural (e.g., data dictionary management) aspects.

  • Ability to support common use of data to eliminate duplication and make it easy to update individual data elements

  • Appropriate, role based security so that only authorised personnel can access information

  • Workflow engine to support multiple service towers

  • Defined forms to support multiple activities and roles

The research will highlight competitive differentiators; feature key strengths and showcase innovation within each product. Once reviewed, we will crown one Vendor “Best in Class” in Service Integration and Management.

For more information of if you’d like to take part in the assessment please contact us!

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