That's all folks!

On our five-year anniversary, we’ve taken the difficult decision to put the ITSM Review on ice whilst we focus our efforts on the continued growth and interest in our sister site, The ITAM Review.

The ITSM Review has been an active community for ITSM professionals between August 2011 and August 2016. In five years we’ve observed the emergence and plateau of cloud as an ITSM delivery platform, the privatization of the ITIL franchise, the transformational effects of mobile and social and the growth of using ITSM practices beyond the IT department.

We’ve also seen the continued demise of the big behemoth outsource contracts and subsequent interest in polite baton passing between smaller specialist outsourcers (SIAM). Of all trends, the most powerful is the disruptive force of DevOps. Perhaps in one hundred years, we will smile about the fact that with DevOps the IT department learnt to a) Proceed in small increments based on progress and b) Listen to the customer (Which begs the question – what in hell were we doing before this revelation?). In the meantime it is changing the landscape of how IT services are delivered.

Our first ever blog post was an interview with Ben Clacy, who at the time was the CEO of itSMF UK. During the interview Ben referred to itSMF as the user group for ITIL. In 2016 ITIL’s halo seems to have slipped somewhat under management in the private sector, perhaps still a predominant force to be reckoned with, but just another utility in the practitioners toolkit.

We’ve been pleased to see the continued convergence between ITAM and ITSM and foresee further integration between these two disciplines. ITAM seeks to mature beyond responding to supplier demands and build long-term process, whilst ITSM seeks the financial, risk and business awareness that ITAM can provide.

We may have increasingly savvy IT users who prefer to use their own kit, we may not actually build anything ourselves but just buy in blocks of services, and we may not know where the network starts and finishes, but the ability to deliver IT services is still fundamental and the skills of those ITSM professionals who can wrangle with the complexity, delight the customer and help businesses innovate will continue to be in high demand. Ultimately, world-class ITSM provides competitive edge, and we hope that worldwide ITSM professionals continue to beat that drum.

The ITSM Review’s back catalogue of articles still attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year so we hope to maintain past articles as a permanent public archive and will continue to promote ITSM tool reviews on Tools Advisor (Tool Reviews supported by real customer reviews).

A sincere thank you to everyone that has contributed and shared our posts in the last half decade, we’re proud to have provided a platform for sharing knowledge between passionate ITSM professionals.

Martin Thompson, August 2016