ITSM Review Q&A Forum

Q&A-ForumWe will be rolling out a new Q&A forum and knowledge base for The ITSM Review shortly.

This is a short blog to discuss our goals and direction for the project (code name Angels on a Pin).

Why a Q&A Forum?

LinkedIn and Facebook are proving popular for discussion of ITSM topics. The weakness of these platforms is that a) the good stuff gets lost in the stream and b) common questions get repeated over and over. Noise and ‘the stream’ take precedent.

Our new forum aims to curate and moderate discussions and tag and categorize content for future reference.

The ITSM Review Q&A Forum

Our objective is to provide a useful, independent resource for worldwide ITSM professionals.

Guiding principles

  • Actively moderated to remove spam or promotional messages in accordance with an open published code of conduct
  • Moderated to tag and categorize questions to avoid duplicates and allow the good stuff to be found
  • Curated to generate knowledge base articles for most popular topics and discussion areas
  • Game mechanics – proactively reward participation and the best answers
  • All content published creative commons / [UPDATE] non-commercial license
  • Free to access
  • Respect Intellectual Property – Give credit where it is due, only link to content that is freely accessible
  • Egalitarian – everyone has a voice. Provide a destination for newcomers and experts alike.
  • Knowledge Management – proactively clip the best content into a knowledge base for easy navigation.

I would appreciate your feedback to this project. Good, bad or indifferent.