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3021209322_dd7f06856d_zI find attending conferences and events extremely useful. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the shape of industry experts, vendors and people like you and me who have already gone through those pain points we are currently dealing with. All we have to do is listen, take notes and grab handouts.

Useful as conferences are I, like many of you, do not always have the ability to take a day or more out of my working life to attend and as for getting money from the boss to travel to, attend and in some cases stay over at events, well lets just say I’m getting lots of practice at writing business cases with persuasive arguments.

To save you some energy for that impressive and compelling business case here is my list of the events, conferences and experiences for the first half of 2015 that are worth your time and (your bosses) money*.


Working 9-5 with ITIL, itSMF Norway – 3rd-5th March

Those Nordmenn know how to entertain! If you think that all ITSM symposiums are stuffy and boring then you have clearly never been to one of the itSMF Norway conferences.

Don’t let the title fool you, you will still find lots of useful content even if you don’t follow the ITIL methodology.

At $1,676 for non-members (just over £1,000 at time of writing) it compares favourably with other ITSM conferences.


Knowledge Exchange: Service Management in Action, London, itSMF UK – 24th March

The first of a new series of Knowledge Exchange seminars sees itSMF UK looking at Service Management today and how industry experts and leaders are dealing with the current big challenges we’re facing and promises to help us prepare for the intense changes ITSM is currently undergoing.

At £400 (+VAT) for non-members it’s not as cheap as some of the others but the line up is seriously impressive with the likes of Stuart Rance, Philippa Hale and David Wheable all speaking.


SITS15: The IT Service Management Show, London, Diversified Communications UK – 3rd-4th June

Despite being a trade event SITS has a fantastic amount of useful info you can take away with no less than 36 seminars being held over the two days from the likes of the fabulous Andie Kis who should have a conference all to herself and everyone’s favourite Texan Daniel Breston.

What’s more if you book before Tuesday 2nd June entry is free!


Public Sector Think Tank, Birmingham, SDI – 17th June

If you are a public sector service desk then this one is for you. SDI events are always well thought out with the mixture of presentations, case studies and interactive activities making for an enjoyable, engaging and worthwhile experience.

At £185 (+VAT) these days are fantastic value for money and are particularly good at focusing on a particular subject or issue.


If these all sound great but you just don’t have the time then there is an alternative…

Conference in a Box – 24/7/365

Every 2 months Conference in a Box send out a package covering a different subject with Metrics, Social IT, Best Practice, Gamification and Kanban being covered so far. In your box you’ll find a collection of learning materials, access to the speakers online and some goodies to ensure you don’t miss out on one of the best bits of trawling the exhibition floor.

Conference boxes are between £29.99 and £59.99 and have the added bonus of you being able to attend in your pajamas!


*All conferences/events etc above have been attended/test driven by either myself or a team member. If you run or know of a conference that you think would be beneficial to the ITSM community please let us know via this link


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All change at SITS, farewell Laura

It’s all change for SITS.

The Service Desk and IT Support Show (SITS), is the UK’s largest ITSM event, and arguably the largest ITSM related event in Europe.

SITS 2015 includes a few changes:

  1. Earl’s court faces redevelopment, so the show moves one mile up the road to Olympia
  2. SITS 15 moves from it’s regular slot in late April to 3rd-4th June 2015
  3. Laura Venables, long time event manager for the show is moving on.

Further information at:

The SDI Conference, usually in June, shifts to April. See

Farewell Laura

In the umpteen years I’ve been attending SITS, Laura has been synonymous with the show and the ITSM industry as a whole. Good luck Laura with your new adventures!

“Laura has been a great curator of the industry through the show and very positive and popular host.” Barclay Rae, Barclay Rae Consulting

“Laura…. Thank-you for reminding me how old I am ;-)….I think we met way back when I was at FrontRange, then Numara who was bought by BMC…..How time flies. I has been a delight working with you. All my very best for the future.” Andy White, EasyVista

“I was continually amazed at the quality of the Service Desk Show, which I know was directly correlated to Laura’s efforts. It is sad to see her go, but appreciate we sometimes need to flip our perspective to experience a completely new adventure. Hope you enjoy every minute of it Laura, and sent us postcard!” Courtney Wheeler, TOPdesk UK

The interview with Laura below was recorded at the SDI conference in June. Thanks to Barclay Rae.

Podcast Episode 3: Live from the Service Desk and IT Support Show (SITS)

SITS14 contributor of the year and podcast host Barclay Rae (right) with SITS event manager Laura Venables.
SITS14 contributor of the year and podcast host Barclay Rae (right) with SITS event manager Laura Venables.

Episode 3 of the ITSM Review Podcast. Hosted by SITS14 contributor of the year Barclay Rae (Congrats Barclay!).

Podcast guests include a “Fruit salad” of ITSM folks:


  • General review of SITS and evolution of the show
  • Evolution of the ITSM market and traction with non-IT departments
  • Bringing younger folk into ITSM, Career Paths
  • Marketing in the ITSM Market, coaching exhibitors
  • The value of in-person networking
  • “The best conference I’ve ever been to”

ITAM Review and ITSM Review Feeds

Social Meet Up: 30th April


This social meet up has now taken place. Thanks to all who joined us. We will post information about our next social meet up soon.

Given that the annual IT service desk and support show (SITS) is nearly upon us, I figured it made sense to schedule a social meet up for all the cool kids for straight after the event. Of course some of the cool kids will be in San Francisco for Knowledge14 (our own Martin Thompson and Rebecca Beach included), but I figured there would still be enough coolness in London to make a good get together.

Full details on location, costs and how to RSVP can be found below. Whether you’re a practitioner, vendor, or consultant we would love to have you come along for some informal networking, putting the ITSM and ITAM world to rights, a few tipples, and generally just a fabulous time.

Apologies again to all of our readers outside of the UK (I promise we’re working on getting something to you).


Informal ITSM and ITAM social gathering


Rocco (3-5 minutes walk from Earls Court Exhibition Centre)


Wednesday 30th April, 5pm onwards for drinks. Meal for those who wish to stay on will be circa 6.30pm at the same location.


Cost of your individual meal and drinks will be payable on the night. We recommend budgeting between £20-30 for the evening. Please note that we will not be responsible for the final bill.


Please contact me directly to confirm your attendance.


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