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From 2011 to 2016 The ITSM Review was an active community and knowledge-sharing platform for worldwide ITSM professionals. The ITSM Review ceased publishing in August 2016, see our last post here: “That’s all folks!

The team is now focussed on The ITAM Review (A community of worldwide SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing professionals).  A sincere to all those passionate ITSM professionals who supported us.

Martin Thompson, August 2016.

Top 20 Most Read 2011 – 2016

  1. 7 Benefits of Using a Known Error Database (KEDB)
  2. Process Owner, Process Manager or Process Engineer
  3. Back to Basics: Why DO the ITIL Foundation Certification?
  4. Scrum vs Kanban
  5. Quick guide to SIAM
  6. A structured approach to problem solving
  7. Planning for major incidents
  8. Twelve help desks for under $1,000
  9. IT Knowledge Management – Spreading the Word!
  10. Rob England: Proactive Problem Management
  11. Your ITSM Career Path
  12. Applying Agile principles to Service Management
  13. Certification Spotlight: PMP or ITIL Expert?
  14. Four Problem Management SLAs you really can’t live without
  15. Quick Guide to Knowledge Management Tool Selection
  16. How to conduct an ITSM assessment that actually means something
  17. Problem Management challenges and critical success factors
  18. How to Segment and Prioritise Vendors and Suppliers
  19. Customer experience the Apple way
  20. Rob England: What is a Technical Service Catalogue?

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